Post from the Past: White Hot Truth and the Firestarter Sessions

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Calling all entrepreneurs, frustrated cubicle workers, and dreamers without a country!

This week’s blog isn’t about food you eat but rather food for thought. What we put into our minds generates health just the way what we put into our bodies does. A major inspirational force in my life, Danielle LaPorte of the blog White Hot Truth has packaged her $500 Firestarter Sessions in a new digital book for $150. Preordering starts tomorrow. Check it out!

As her blog title suggests, Danielle is a proponent of truth and self-knowledge in its purest form. This woman has got some serious insight and inspiration, and she doesn’t pull her punches. I read her blog religiously and hired her for a Firestarter Session myself as I prepare to leave my editing business behind and launch full time as a Whole Health Counselor. This was one of the most amazing interactions I’ve ever had with a total stranger, who in an hour’s time felt like someone who not only knew me, but what was best for me.

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