I am enjoying trying new things. In fact the recipes I find most unusual are the ones I try first.

Joanne H., Massachusetts

My boyfriend and I can’t rave enough about our experience with the Unprepared Kitchen. First of all, it solved our nightly “what will we have for dinner” argument. The recipes were easy to follow and satisfying. They had plenty of the foods we know and love while also incorporating new and exciting foods to try. Continue Reading »

Alicia and Mark, Greenville, SC

After just one week of following the Unprepared Kitchen Meal Plan, my wife and I are hooked. It’s made meals easier to prepare and healthier for us, and most importantly the variety of delicious dishes puts our old diet to shame.

Ryan M., Dallas, TX

We are really enjoying your meal plan! Ryan had to slap my hands to keep me from eating the quiche he had prepared. I asked him about going to the grocery store today and he said, “Make sure that you get the new meal plan first.”

Georgia T., Dallas, TX

I really loved these recipes! I liked how diverse the menu was—it was a treat to have a completely different dish every night. I’m pretty picky about saying that I really like something, but I liked every one of these recipes.

Jack H., Easley, SC