Post from the Past: Spring Eating

Original post date 3/18/09


During my last weekend in New York at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we heard John Douillard of LifeSpa Ayurveda speak about the Ayurvedic diet, which bases eating recommendations on three seasons: winter, spring, and fall. His site offers a spring grocery list to guide shopping and cooking. Or check out the fun body type quiz that will help determine specific eating guidelines for your body type.

So as we move into spring–oh so slowly, I think I’m already ready for summer–it’s a good idea to start changing eating habits from heavier, cooked winter foods to lighter seasonal fruits and vegetables. I found these great recomendations on Rejuvenating Foods for Springtime.

To go along with those recommendations, here’s a great recommendation for Green Pea Guacamole to get started. I recommend using fresh peas since they are in season.

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