Post from the Past: Some Unusual Skin Cancer Prevention

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Taking up where I left off last week, I’m so impressed with Natural Health magazine’s website. This site is aesthetically pleasing despite a few advertisements, clearly marked and easy to use. Just some of the features today—dental x-rays safety, fast food going organic, growing your own fruits and veggies—are practical, useful, everyday subjects that take so little effort out of our daily lives to read and explore. And the consequences are monumental.

One of my favorite articles on this site is especially appropriate for summer and our reduced ozone layer: Eat Your Sunscreen. This article lists five categories of foods you can eat to naturally protect yourself from the free radicals that cause skin cancer. I had a conversation with a friend who doesn’t believe in free radicals. Fair enough, some people don’t believe in global warming. I’ve heard convincing arguments on both sides. But my take on both of these issues is this: we can absolutely do no harm trying to combat these “imaginary” crises, so why not do things like recycle, carpool, eat more fruits and vegetables, and wear sunscreen?

Skin cancer is a scary thing. After reading an article about skin cancer, I went to my first dermatological exam sponsored by Oil of Olay. They partnered with dermatologists around the country to offer FREE skin cancer screenings. While this promotion is officially over, the Oil of Olay website will help you find a dermatologist in your area. *Update: this is old and no longer applies.*

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