Post from the Past: Ken Immer Changed My Kitchen

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Recently Ken Immer of Om Cooking, vegan chef and creator of that awesome gRAWnola, came to my house—and more importantly into my kitchen.

The reason I’d called Ken was because of one sentence on his website:

How many times have you gone to the grocery store, only to come home with “nothing to cook!”

As much as I hate to admit it, that is exactly how I feel a lot of the time. Here I am, supposed to be this champion of home-cooked food, and my diet frequently consists of Annie Chun‘s noodle bowls, Amy’s burritos, and happy hour specials at Pearlz.

To be fair, these are all fairly healthy choices, and for breakfast I often saute up some greens and pair them with a piece of Ezekiel bread and poached eggs. But that takes a long time! I want a quick breakfast! I want inspiration! I want ease!

I communicated all this to Ken. And he didn’t start pulling items out of my pantry. (I don’t think he even looked at it, though he did view the fridge, at which point I realized how long it had been since I cleaned the condiment drawer.)

Instead, he listened.

He listened to what I wanted, what I was struggling with. And then he gave me some very awesome, very simple advice.

Ken gives everybody different advice. He told me that one of his clients simply needed to change his track lighting to make a huge difference in his willingness to cook. I was immediately excited to start sprouting (I did the next day), to go grocery shopping (I did that night), and to cook–I made red curry chicken with quinoa and frozen veggies the next night, using my new condiments, and it lasted me for three meals. And finally I made sprouted breakfast quinoa with coconut milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon. And it was quick! And delicious!

Charleston Magazine featured Ken in its April issue. I highly recommend you check out that article and read about the benefits of raw foods and how to make Thai Lemonade, Kale-Arame Slaw, and Sprouted Quinoa with Balsamic Grilled Veggies. YUM!

And then I highly recommend you contact Ken and get him to come over for some nutritional planning. For $65 he changed my cooking habits, my grocery shopping, and my life.

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