Post from the Past: I Cooked! And I Can Prove It

OK, it’s not all that strange for me to cook, but this time, I took pictures, as Amy Jo Gengler, acupuncturist at Re-Soul, encouraged me to do, so I could get credit for it.

The whole experience made me wish I had tried harder to get into a basic photography class in college; however, then I tasted it, and I realized that if you can cook, you don’t have to be a good photographer.

Everything on the plate to the left other than the fish is locally grown on Rosebank Farms on John’s Island, SC. I am a member of their CSA, which has been the most awesome experience–fresh veggies weekly, and you don’t have to go grocery shopping! Plus it’s a surprise every week. This season we are getting local eggs, Giddy Goat Cheese (which is phenomenal and an absolute must for every Charlestonian), and fresh-cut flowers with our veggies.

The fish was Amberjack filets with paprika and no-salt seasoning (and salt), seared and then baked for fifteen minutes using coconut oil. I cut white and red potatoes in half and roasted them in paprika, cumin, salt, and olive oil for 2o minutes. Steamed some green beans, and chopped banana pepper, tomato, bell pepper, basil, and parsley for a salad, topped with Herbes de Provence dressing from Whole Foods (which uses olive oil–no vegetable oil of any kind!).

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