Post from the Past: Home Cooking away from Home

Two weekends ago I went up to Pittsburgh and got to see some of my oldest and dearest friends. KD, LX and I prepared the meal above: salmon with onions and brie, my spicy greens recipe, beet salad, and roasted butternut squash. A colorful introduction to fall!

Since then, however, I’ve been “catching up.” Workload has been high, and I haven’t felt much like cooking, or even going grocery shopping. This has been frustrating, since I was on such a cooking kick recently and felt really inspired.

But all in all I’ve been wanting to eat out more lately, and giving myself permission to do so has been a hard road (though a necessary one, since I’ve been subsisting on Annie Chun’s soup bowls and Ezekiel toast with almond butter). Today after my acupuncture appointment with Amy Jo of Re-Soul (and let me tell you, every visit is a soul renewal!) I biked down to Fast and French and treated myself to a turkey plate with gazpacho and a lot of mustard.

Fast and French (or G and M, or whatever you want to call it) is one of my favorite places to eat in Charleston, not just because the food tastes good but because I feel good after I eat it—like I’ve just eaten something homemade from scratch. Having a repertoire of these homemade “comfort food” places is important when you’re feeling too busy or tired or lazy or uninspired to cook—or just when you need a treat.

I did find a fun way to motivate myself to cook this weekend by hosting a pot-luck dinner party. My friend Lili brought Korean food, John brought tortellini salad, Ashleigh brought a veggie plate, Mike brought chocolate and ice cream, TJ brought wine, and I made Serbian Ground Beef and Potato Bake along with an apple crumble. A good time was had by all!

So if you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to cook, go out! Find a healthy, delicious restaurant and treat yourself. Or invite some friends over and tell everyone to bring their favorite dish.

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