Post from the Past: This Is Exactly How I Feel about Health Care

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A few highlights:

  • Even if President Obama and Congress get everything else right in healthcare reform, it won’t matter … that is, unless we address the underlying causes of illness that drive both skyrocketing healthcare costs and the proliferation of chronic disease.
  • Unless real change is made we are facing an impending collapse of our economy as more of our resources are put toward caring for the chronically ill. This is not being alarmist; this is simply facing reality.
  • Disease-based, acute-care medicine is the WRONG model to address chronic illness, because it doesn’t address WHY people are sick or the underlying mechanisms and biologic causes of their illness.
  • Functional medicine, on the other hand, is a system of personalized care that directly addresses how our environment and lifestyle influence our genes to create imbalances in our core biologic systems that, over time, manifest as disease.
  • This new medicine is personalized, preventive, predictive, participatory, and patient-centered.

Thank you, Dr. Mark Hyman!

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