Post from the Past: Organic Milk and Cancer Prevention

Original post date 9/17/08 


This week I read an interesting fact in Women’s Health magazine: organic milk has a 60% health advantage over conventional, apparently due to more conjugated linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that may prevent tumors.

But this recent article calls into question whether or not organic milk drinkers are actually getting organic milk. It warns, “Federal regulations defining what exactly constitutes organic milk are somewhat vague.” It calls into question the organic requirements put into practice even by such major organic dairy distributors as Horizon.

Some good news, however: apparently the soaring popularity of organic milk has impacted conventional dairy farmers, causing many to raise cows without artificial growth hormones.

Speaking of growth hormones, I discovered a few months back the Eat Stop Eat method of fasting promoted by Brad Pilon. Don’t let the sales letter format of this site fool you. His research not only debunks many current myths about weight loss and metabolism, it provides a diet alternative involving simple fasting practices that will unleash the body’s natural growth hormone, which not only encourages weight loss but stimulates the body’s reparative functions, decreasing the effects of aging and the likelihood of cancer. (Not to mention that on a test run I lost five pounds in 2 weeks and felt fabulous.)

Check it out. In my opinion it’s worth $30.

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