Do You Have These 4 Essential Ingredients in Your Kitchen?

If not for certain people in my life, it wouldn’t matter how well stocked my kitchen is or how many great cooking appliances I have—I wouldn’t get a lot done in terms of turning recipes into food. It’s just struck me this afternoon. I’ve been making Turmeric Broth Detox Soup from Feasting at Home—truly an awesome blog name—because my son Continue Reading »

Why You Should Own Ramekins: Pots de Creme

I think it only fitting that my first post since last year be an utterly decadent and incredibly easy chocolate dessert. You’re welcome. I have road rage. I’m working on it. I tell myself that there’s no rush, it’s the South, the driver is probably a retiree and how would I like it if somebody honked at Continue Reading »

Bourbon Pecan Pie (without Corn Syrup) + What to Do When You Run Out of Brown Sugar

The problem with making pecan pie the day before Thanksgiving is that you have to wait 24 hours to eat it. Normally my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving in the North Carolina mountains at Kanuga Conferences, where they do all the cooking for you. This year, we’re keeping it small and hosting it at my house, Continue Reading »

Prosciutto, Green Pepper, and Onion Pizza (with Homemade Sauce)

So I recently tried making a gluten-free pizza crust from scratch, and was pleasantly surprised. There were definitely some pros and cons, but it was a lot better than the frozen premade gluten-free crusts I’ve tried. I used Bob’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust whole grain mix, which includes yeast—a nice convenient touch. It also contains zero Continue Reading »