Post from the Past: White Hot Truth and the Firestarter Sessions

Original post 4/6/10 on   Calling all entrepreneurs, frustrated cubicle workers, and dreamers without a country! This week’s blog isn’t about food you eat but rather food for thought. What we put into our minds generates health just the way what we put into our bodies does. A major inspirational force in my life, Continue Reading »

Post from the Past: Short and “Sweet”

Original post date 3/25/10   This “Sweet Surprise” video by the Corn Refiners Association states that high fructose corn syrup “like sugar, is fine in moderation.” Princeton University begs to differ in their recent article: “Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain.” “Considerably” more… Just the first three paragraphs are a shocker. Continue Reading »

Post from the Past: Diet for a Hot Planet

Original post date 3/24/10   Thirty-nine years ago, Frances Moore Lappe published Diet for a Small Planet (I still have my grandmother’s copy). Now her daughter, and co-founder of the Small Planet Institute, Anna Lappe, has published Diet for a Hot Planet, updating the world on the need to make sustainable food choices. I highly recommend reading the book, but Continue Reading »