How it Works

Each week, you’ll receive a new meal plan featuring:

  • a "cook 3 times eat 5 times" dinner recipe format (5 total)
  • 1 vegetarian dinner per week
  • 1 seafood dinner most weeks
  • a combination of poultry, beef, and/or pork dinners
  • 1 make-ahead portable lunch recipe
  • 1 make-ahead or almost-instant breakfast
  • a complete grocery list for the week, including staples and items you might already have

The meal plans also:

  • use all or most of the fresh ingredients on your grocery list, minimizing food waste and maximizing your budget
  • build your pantry with condiments, grains, spices, and other staples
  • feature smaller-portion recipes so you’re not eating leftovers for a week
  • feature recipes that easily double so you can make extra for weekends or lunches
  • optimize nutrition, variety, and absorption of nutrients, which is a key factor in satiation and weight loss
  • use seasonal ingredients so you can buy fresher, local foods depending on your area
  • minimize your time spent in the kitchen: it's all about cooking once and twice…or three or four times
  • teach you how to incorporate spices, which are the key to delicious, healthy food

And they're affordable at only $12/month.