Custom Spice Packages from The Unprepared Kitchen

Custom Spice Kits

Custom Spice Kits from The Spice and Tea Exchange!

Contact me to order your custom kit.

All spice amounts are 1 ounce ground unless otherwise stated. Many dried leafy spices are lighter and therefore provide an ample amount at a lower weight. All kits ship anywhere in the continental United States at the low price of $5. (More info here.)

Starter Kit ($22.00 + $5.00 shipping)
Custom Spice Kits from The Unprepared Kitchen

These are the spices you need to get started with the meal plans or start building your spice cabinet. While the meal plans do incorporate other optional spices, if you have these you’ll always be able to make delicious, full-flavor recipes.

  • True Ceylon cinnamon
  • Mediterranean oregano (1/2 ounce)
  • Spanish sweet paprika
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Dark chili powder
  • Moroccan thyme

Versatile Kit ($22.00 + $5.00 shipping)
Custom Spice Kits from The Unprepared Kitchen

Having these spices on hand expands your cooking range and adds flavor and depth to recipes. Though optional, they are used fairly often in the meal plans.

  • Sage (1/2 ounce)
  • Whole bay leaf (1/4 ounce)
  • Turmeric
  • Nutmeg
  • Fennel seed
  • Cloves
  • Red pepper flakes

Exotic Kit ($33.00 + $5.00 shipping) (without saffron $20.00 + $5.00 shipping)
Custom Spice Kits from The Unprepared Kitchen

These spices are for fun! They are not used regularly in the meal plans, with the exception of cayenne pepper for those who enjoy a little spicy heat in their food, but I encourage you to add and experimented with them to increase your creativity in the kitchen.

  • Saffron threads (1 gram)
  • Green pod cardamom
  • Ras al hanout
  • Garam masala
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Arrowroot powder*

*This is not technically a spice, but if you’ve never used it before it’s a good way to try it out. Arrowroot powder is a nutritious, gluten-free thickener that should always be mixed with cold water, broth, or other liquid before using.

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